Aircraft Wrecks
in the Mountains and Deserts of California

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Updated: January 26, 2015

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     The full story for each title below will appear in the new book "Aircraft Wrecks in The Mountains and Deserts of California" (3rd Edition), by Gary Patric Macha and Don R. Jordan.  This new book is now being shipped.  Contact  Don R. Jordan  or  Gary Patric Macha  for ordering information.  

    There are over 528 pages in this book, with more than 355 photographs of California aircraft accidents  from  1909 to 2002.  There are also 27 detailed stories  by Don  that will put the reader in the cockpit at the moment of impact.  In "Aircraft Wrecks" you'll read about what really caused the crash and death of Capt. Joseph McConnell Jr.,  America's first triple jet ace.  And you'll visit the crash sites of the famous Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing on the Mojave Desert, and the ill-fated Tells Peak B-17C near Lake Tahoe, California.

    In addition, you'll  visit the final resting place of a World War II era C-46 that crashed in 1945.  This wreckage is located in the deep American River Canyon just outside of Sacramento, California.  Nearly 80% of this wreckage is still on site, but hidden in the thick underbrush and covered by decades of foliage.

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  "Doc" Restoration Page (July 15, 2006)

  The Independence Lake C-47 (04/04/01)

  Doc The Derelict B-29 (04/08/01)

  A Survivor's Story (04/08/01)

  The Pine Flat F-86 (04/08/01)

 The Hester Lake B-24E (04/05/01)

   The Chico B-29 (04/05/01)

  AD-6 on Mt. St. Helena (03/30/01)

  The Wauhab Ridge B-29 (04/01/01)

 The Twin Sisters B-18A (04/02/01)

  The Mt. Thayer Corsair (04/13/01)

  The Weimar C-47B (04/05/01)

  The Mt. Diablo C-45F (04/05/01)

   The Clipper Gap C-46A (04/08/01)

  The Calaveras B-29 (04/02/01)

 The Gualala River P-38J (04/03/01)

   The Hobart Mills C-47 (04/05/01)             View new Video of crash site:

 The Tells Peak B-17C (06/07/01)

  Wing Over Mojave (04/09/01)

  The Cordelia C-47 (04/08/01)

  The San Antonio Valley C-45 (04/13/01)

  Impact at The Los Gatos Homer (04/02/01)

  R4-D on Loma Prieta Peak (04/08/01)

 Parkfield's RDB-7B (04/08/01)

  The Loma Prieta TV-2 (04/06/01)

  McConnell's F-86H Crash (03/30/01)

  The Lover's Leap C-46A (04/04/01)

 Wreck Chasing With The GPS ( 3 pages )

   The Huntington Lake B-24 (04/07/01)

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